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About Us

TECHNO SECURITY Zrt. was transformed into a closed shareholding in 1998 as the successor of the 1995-founded

The founders of the firm and the colleagues co-operating with them had already had 12 years of professional past and experience prior to the founding, which they gained at other economic organizations.

This fact in itself is a guarantee that TECHNO SECURITY Zrt. has been able to provide a high level of professional standard from the first moment of its establishment.

Our specialist staff regularly takes part in professional trainings which give them the knowledge about the most up-to-date technical equipment, thus adapting to the requirements of our times.

Further to our own professionals, we have such business partnership relations which enable the adequate level fulfilment of additional special tasks on the part of our clients, as well as the temporary expansion of our capacity.


Our Business Philosophy

The business philosophy of TECHNO SECURITY Zrt. is best characterised by the chapter of the ISO 9001 Quality Guideline entitled Quality Policy, which we would like to quote below:

"Quality Policy:

Our company considers quality one of the most important tasks; therefore, quality-oriented behaviour, leadership and management are realised.

The CLIENT stands in the centre of our quality policy; hence we believe the execution of quality on the highest possible level especially important in the field of equipment and services catering for life and property protection.

We aid the quality oriented work of our employees on all points of the organisation through further education and educational programmes.

In the development of our assessment system we have laid great emphasis on the evaluation of work quality.

The goal of keeping our quality and reliability on such a high level is increasing the satisfaction of out CLIENTS. As a result, we continually receive new orders and the circle of new clients is also expanding.

During the realisation of our quality policy the leaders of the company have set the constant development of the organisation, equipment and resources as goals. This aim expresses the endeavour that serving our clients would enable the planning and execution of the most modern and safest systems.

The involvement of our subcontractors and suppliers is also vital for the realisation of our aims; therefore, through continuous, organised contact we can ensure that they consider our quality policy and aims as their own and they should also take part in their realisation."


TECHNO SECURITY Zrt. deals with the planning, execution and maintenance of the following systems:

In addition to the above listed, TECHNO SECURITY Zrt. also undertakes the debugging of premises and buildings.

ISO 9001

These tasks are executed by reliable, well-trained professionals in highly demanding, impeccable quality. Quality work has been our main aim since the very beginning. This is supported by the fact that we were among the first to acquire the

ISO 9001

qualification, which was audited by the Hungarian Electronic Controlling Institute in August 1997 and in every following three years since then. The ISO 9001 and our well-prepared professionals guarantee that the proper level of quality is ensured from planning to handover during the tasks executed by TECHNO SECURITY Zrt. Our company is also a member of the Hungarian Quality Association.

TECHNO SECURITY Zrt. received the title of "Suitable NATO Supplier" in October 2001 and "Certified NATO Supplier" in 2002.


TECHNO SECURITY Zrt. has permission from the police to pursue its activity. Furthermore, we have obtained the necessary general service liability and property insurance in correlation with the executable tasks. We are also members of the Professional Chamber of Personal and Property Protection and Private Investigation.

TECHNO SECURITY Zrt. provides at least

1 year fully comprehensive guarantee

for security systems installed by us.

Maintenance is provided already during the warranty time in order to preserve the operability of the systems, as we consider this one of our most important tasks. Such hidden potential failure sources may be discovered during the servicing - not necessarily due to the breakdown of the system - which may remain unnoticed by the users during regular exertion.

The most important professional references of TECHNO SECURITY Zrt.

Branch network of Banks (number of locations)

BUDAPEST BANK Rt. (in 42 locations nationally)
KERESKEDELMI ÉS HITELBANK Rt. (in 70 locations nationally)
KONZUMBANK Rt. (in 9 locations nationally)
CIB BANK Zrt. (in 25 locations nationally)

Pawn Shops (60)

Shopping Center

MOM Park
Kanizsa Plaza
Kaposvár Plaza
Kispesti Centrum

Ministry (4)


GE Lighting
GE Power System
KUKA Robotics


Hungarian Mint Co.

Office Building

BUDAPEST BANK (36.000 m2)
ÓBUDA GATE (5.000 m2)
Andrássy 93 (6.000 m2)
Király utca 16. (13.000 m2)
Transelektro (6.000 m2)
Fehérvári út 70 (18.000 m2)
Strabag Rt. (8.000 m2)
ÁPV Rt. /Hungarian Privatization and State Holding Co. (16.000 m2)

Fuel storage


Police Station

Budapest, XIX. district

Other Buildings

Broadway Theater
Ramada Hotel Budapest
Hungarocontrol Hungarian Air traffic control
Merkur Spielothek Casino

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